Finbert Israel financial services

Finbert Israel financial services

Our Vision

פינברט סוכנות ביטוח פנסיוני

Our company believes in promoting the personal and professional fulfillment of our community of customers, employees, and partners, while creating a good and long-lasting relationship based on mutual trust. We believe that this approach will help achieve common goals and ongoing success of all members of the community.

It is important for us to work for constant growth while finding creative solutions, and above all: To say thank you to the members of our community for the shared aspiration

Finbert's values:

Our core values are an essential element of our company's organizational compass. And they are expressed in the personal discourse in the organizational culture and in the company's achievements and constitute a central basis for decision making.

Transparency and credibility

We believe that the way to achieve the economic and financial goals of our clientele is to act with integrity with integrity and precise compliance with customer needs while being fully transparent at any given moment

Uncompromising service

We work diligently in customer service which is expressed in professionalism and high availability out of a desire to personally provide our customers with the best and most suitable solutions for their needs.


We see great importance in helping our clients make the best financial decisions for them, therefore company's employees are excellent professionals in their field and have accumulated experience of many years.


We believe that excellence is a way of life and therefore our aspiration is to perform the best in all our actions while realizing the potential of the company's human assets, thus in order to yield the best results to our customers in a consistent and continuous manner.


Our goal is to create and develop new investment channels in accordance with changing trends and opportunities in Israel and around the world