Finbert Israel financial services

Finbert Israel financial services

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Finbert Israel was established in the year 2015 and is part of Finbert international group that Specializes in making alternative investments around the world

Of our values, we adhere to:

Transparency and

service with
No compromises




why invest with Finbert?

We provide our clients with advanced and alternative solutions for investments in the capital market

Our goal is to help our clients pave the way to achieve their economic and financial goals while finding the best solutions that are safest and most suitable through the following benefits:

Risk diversification

Investment in private Equity funds abroad Make it possible to distribute the investments in a number of different business ventures in order to reduce exposure to risks to the investor.

Representative offices around the world

Finbert Group operates through branches in the United States, Israel, England, Ukraine, Georgia, Hong Kong And in the near future in Ireland, Cyprus and Dubai.

Private equity providence fund

It is possible to join the investment in funds through provident funds and advanced study funds personally managed by ira and thus we enable our clientele to be partners in controlling the composition and quality of the investment

Financial Security

In each fund, due diligence checks are conducted before entering the investment by a professional investment committee through the Global Group’s Unique and advance platforms

Commitment to Succeed in Growth

We strive to do the best in all our operations out of desire to provide our customers with a constant experience of success in growth.

Pension specialists

All of Finbert’s experts have a pension license from the Ministry of Finance and have extensive seniority and experience. The experts personally accompany the customers throughout the investment period.

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Smart investment with Finbert

Private investment funds abroad are diverse and include among other of the following fields: Consumer Credit, Income-Producing Real Estate, Real Estate for development, National Infrastructures and National Projects, Agriculture and more

Strategic Partners

Finbert Israel promotes the creation of business partnerships with leading finance companies and investment houses in Israel with the aim of creating creative solutions for our clients.

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