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Why invest with a IRA provident fund with Finbert

Preserving and improving the value of our clients' savings for retirement days Using an IRA provident fund is our main goal

3 - Sources for joining an investment through a provident fund of the type IRA

IRA provident fund

Mobilization of funds from a provident fund that constitutes a medium- or long-term pension savings plan, Whether by a self-employed saver or by a salaried saver whose provident fund payments are made by his employer. For more details
קרן השתלמות IRA
קופת גמל בניהול אישי IRA

IRA provident fund – Amendment 190

Depositing liquid funds into the provident fund according to Amendment 190 to the Income Tax Ordinance for any investor who is interested in and meets the threshold conditions. Today the product is a sought-after investment channel due to its abundance of advantages including: Deferral of capital gains tax and the reduced tax when withdrawing funds and all for those who meet the conditions for Amendment 190.

IRA advanced study fund

As is well known, a study fund is a pension or financial product that is not required by law such as a pension deposit. It is possible to manage in this fund liquid funds deposited independently or by the employer as well as funds from advanced study funds that meet the maximum set by the Ministry of Finance.
מבוגרים עושים תכנון פנסיוני
Collaborations as a basis for growth

We provide our clientele with a wide range of services through arrangements with large financial entities and investment houses in Israel

Provident for investment

An investment provident fund is a savings product that makes it possible to save independently for any desired period and the funds in savings are redeemable at all times. The funds can be withdrawn without penalty or tax other than the tax on the profits of the fund. Savers who choose to withdraw the funds in the form of a monthly allowance after the age of 60, will enjoy a tax exemption on the accumulated profits and also on the allowance.

Savings policies

A savings policy is a product for investment and savings in the capital market created by insurance companies but is without an insurance component. Unlike pension savings, the money in the savings policy is available at any time for withdrawal partially or on a one-time basis. The investor chooses the level of investment risk and the investment managers of the insurance company manage the investment with the aim of course to accumulate a return.

Provident funds and study funds

Our experts are custom market the range of medium- or long-term pension savings tools which include: Provident fund and compensation, provident fund for allowance and advanced study fund, etc.

pension fund

We work in cooperation with the financial entities, insurance companies and the leading investment houses in Israel with the aim of optimally matching our clients with the relevant pension fund for them.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Alternative investments are an alternative to the traditional investments that exist in the capital market and they offer Investment in non-tradable products. This type of investment allows investment channels that are not subject to the direct impact of volatility in the capital market.
Private investment funds began their activities as early as the last century. At the end of the last century, they gained momentum in the United States and expanded their operations to many more countries across the globe. As of 2022, there are thousands of private funds around the world that manage billions of dollars in investments.
Private Equity – A private investment fund is a type of alternative investment consisting of capital that is not listed on the public stock exchange. In other words, This is a fund that invests directly in financing projects in the various fields of real estate, , Consumer credit, P2P loans or other areas of investment.
Residential real estate is virtually anywhere that people live or stay, such as single-family homes, condos, and vacation homes. Residential real estate investors make money by collecting rent (or regular payments for short-term rentals) from property tenants, through the appreciated value their property accrues between when they buy it and when they sell it, or both.
Consumer credit deals with the provision of loans on a relatively small scale to private individuals for the purpose of financial conduct or credit consumption. Unlike in the past, when the banks had almost complete control over loans and the provision of credit, today there are many alternatives. The method of execution is by various digital interfaces including credit control systems to check the borrowers’ repayment ability, allowing people to give loans to other people without bank intermediation.
The need for a private investment fund arose from the field. Investment funds carried out by institutional investors do not always meet the investor’s personal needs. On the other hand, a private investment fund provides a pension product that is a tailor channel depending on the needs of the investor, his desires and aspirations. Today in Israel, one of the most convenient and safe ways to invest in a private investment fund is through advanced study funds or a personally managed provident fund (IRA), And all in accordance with special regulations of the Ministry of Finance for this.